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As at 1st March 2015

Authority and Control

All Tugun Men’s Bowls Club Championships and Controlled Fixtures shall be in the charge of and under the control of the Games Director or his delegate(s). They have the power to enquire into and adjudicate decisions, and, in the event of a dispute or problems, to make, alter or add to the conditions they deem necessary. Under all circumstances their decisions shall be final.

Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark 3rd Edition and Tugun Men’s Bowls Club By-Laws apply.

Eligibility and Declaration

All fully paid up male members including Juniors are eligible for Open Championship matches except when they are also members of another Club and have “Declared” for that other Club.

B Grade eligibility is as above except that previous winners of the B Grade Singles, the Open Singles and Open Pairs are ineligible. However, previous winners of B Grade singles, Open Singles and/or Open Pairs are eligible provided that their win was more than ten years previously AND they are 70 years or more of age.

All players including females are eligible for the Ogden Shield and Mixed Championships.

All male members who have played bowls at this Club or elsewhere for three years or less and have not won a Novice Singles previously are eligible for Novice events.


All entries must be made on the appropriate sheet displayed on the Notice Board no later than the closing day.  Entries in team events must show the names of all intending Members.


For Club Championships unless otherwise decided by the Games Director or the Men’s Council, the fees shall be $6 for the first game and $3 for each subsequent game except for the final for which no fees are  payable.  For other events the fees shall be as determined by the Controlling Body from time to time.


Club attire will be worn for all Championship matches and designated social games. Mufti may be worn for Ogden Shield matches and for other events as decided by the Controlling Body.

Starting Times

All times are Queensland time ie Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Programme Rescheduling

If in the opinion of the Games Director or his delegate(s) the occasion demands an alteration to the scheduled programme because of unforeseen circumstances including delayed or likely to be delayed, interrupted or unfinished  matches, the Games Director or his delegate(s have the right to “Call Play” on a different day.

Replacement Players

To be in accordance with Laws of the Sport of Bowls DR 2.4.

Substitute Players

To be in accordance with Laws of the Sport of Bowls 33.9, DR 2.3.

Team Structure

Intended Teams, as entered on the nomination sheet at the closing date, are subject to change and therefore allowed to be changed in personnel, prior to the Team’s opening round. However the scorecard shall be correctly filled in with Player names. The change in personnel shall show both names on the card and be signed authorising the card by the Games Controller of the day.

Availability for Play

A player, team or side not available for play within 30 minutes of the appointed time for commencement of any game will automatically forfeit the game – Law 39 to apply. Teams or players receiving a forfeit and credited with a win in these circumstances shall not be liable for mat fees for that round.


If any games in a Club, Association, Zone, State or Bowls Australia championship, herein expressed in ascending order of grading, are scheduled to be played on the same date, no player or official engaged in such events will be penalised in a lower graded championship by reason of absence through participation in a higher graded event.

Trial Ends

Not more than one Trial End each way (with the number of bowls applicable to the event) shall be allowed prior to the set down starting time at the commencement of the day’s play (as set out in the Draw).

If a Player or Team fails to arrive in time to participate in the trial ends, he or they can be denied them by the Games Controller of the day. The start of play shall not be delayed.


Practising shall be in accordance with Laws of Sport of Bowls 4.

Score Cards

The Games Director or his delegate(s) shall supply the cards, with Skips’ names only. At the completion of each round, the card shall be checked to see that they are completed correctly, with all the Players’ names and initials on both sides provided for the Teams or Singles Players’ names. Cards are to be returned to the boxes provided for that purpose near the Notice Board.

Markers in Singles Matches

Players in Singles matches are to arrange their own markers who in the second and subsequent rounds will usually be one of the losers from the previous round. Markers are not required for matches in the Ogden Shield. (See Laws of Sport of Bowls 42)


Coaches are allowed for Championship matches and Law 44 will apply.

Dead Ends

Dead ends are replayed except for the Ogden Shield and designated social games in which cases should the jack go out of bounds it is to be re-spotted on the centre two metre mark.

Roll of the Jack in Ogden Shield

When playing in the Ogden Shield, the jack is not centred after it has been properly delivered, but in all other respects Laws 9 and 10 will apply.

Inclement Weather

Law 32 will apply. All games are to be completed in full unless the competitors agree otherwise or the Games Director decides otherwise.

Breach during Play

Should a breach occur during play, including knock out rounds, rendering the offending Team or Player liable to disqualification, and at the time of the breach the Games Director or his delegate(s) were unaware of the irregularity, they, when so notified, may replace in the NEXT succeeding Round, the Team or Player last defeated by the offending Team or Player.

Challenge to Bowls

Laws of the Sport of Bowls 52.4 and 52.5 and DR 4.10 to apply.

Duration of Championship Matches

Singles – 25 shots up knockout all rounds.

Pairs – 21 ends knockout all rounds.

2 Bowl Triples – 25 ends knockout all rounds.

Fours – 21 ends knockout all rounds.

Ogden Shield – best of five sets with each set being 7 shots up, knockout all rounds.

Novice Singles – 15 shots up for all rounds up to and including the quarterfinals, semifinals – 18 shots up, final – 21 shots up, knockout all rounds.


For all enquiries contact Tugun Men’s Bowls Club’s Games Director.